The Foundation aims to inform and educate doctors on the one hand and the public on the other. Family physicians need to investigate whether their patients are at risk for liver cancer, and the public needs to be better informed about the importance of lifestyle choices in reducing this risk.


Many people mistakenly think that liver cancer affects alcoholics and drug addicts. This is wrong and the Foundation is committed to correcting this stigmatizing image. The vast majority of patients with liver cancer do not have a disease related to drug dependence. It should also be noted that the sensitivity of the liver to alcohol is very individual and has nothing to do with the psychiatric diagnosis of alcoholism.


Vaccination against hepatitis B is the best way to avoid getting infected with this virus which is often associated with liver cancer. Since 2015 there have been new, very effective drugs for treating hepatitis C, which will prevent many patients from developing liver cancer. Smoking has also been linked to liver cancer. The same is true of obesity.

On the other hand, coffee consumption and regular physical activity are associated with a lower risk of developing liver cancer. The Foundation is committed to ensuring that these preventive measures are better known to the general public and primary care physicians.

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